Fold It

This is a game that teaches about the science of proteins and also contributes to actual scientific research and discovery. You download the free software and solve puzzles and challenges by folding proteins. Playing the game helps researchers to predict the shapes of proteins and design new proteins to fight disease. There are resources for teachers and students, and lots of great information.

Bozeman Science

This site has hundreds of video lectures on high school and AP level science topics. There are pdf concept maps and slideshows to accompany all videos, and a few printable review questions as well. They appear to be of good quality, and they're free!


This company provides resources for "humane science education." There are free brochures and materials for exploring the ethics of animal dissection in education. There is also a lending library of resources for the study of anatomy without using animals, including models and software to simulate dissections. Nearly everything is free!

Marine Bio

This is a non-profit organization with a mission to share the wonders of the ocean. Their site has all sorts of information, including a species database, lots of videos, and links to many more fun places on the web. 

Alien Earths

This website was part of a traveling exhibit about life on other planets. (The exhibit is no longer traveling, but the website still has good resources.) It includes interactive content, online games, and some great links.

Tyto Online

This is a MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing game, in case you haven't learned this geeky term from your kids yet!) that teaches science. Players explore an alien planet and learn all sorts of things about biomes and ecology. It's still in start-up, so the subscription price is pretty low!


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