Earth Science

Discovering Plate Boundaries

This is a short study unit on plate tectonics from Rice University. The activities are based on several downloadable data maps, and are designed for classroom use. They could be used in co-op situations or adapted for home use. Even without the activities, there are quite a few good links and resources included in the materials. All free.

Climate Kids

This website from NASA has all sorts of kid-friendly information on climate and weather. There are many information pages with text and visuals, a few interactive games, lots of hands-on activity ideas, and some information on green careers. 

Bozeman Science

This site has hundreds of video lectures on high school and AP level science topics. There are pdf concept maps and slideshows to accompany all videos, and a few printable review questions as well. They appear to be of good quality, and they're free!


This is a wonderful interactive website from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. You can watch webcasts with Smithsonian scientists, and find other resources through the media library or list of natural history topics. If you sign up for a free account, you can save your discoveries to a digital field book. A great resource for young scientists!


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