Elementary Science

Centripetal Press

This company publishes science text books that are different from most others. The goal of the books is to teach mastery, avoiding the "cram-pass-forget" cycle, and encouraging deeper learning. The prices are fairly reasonable and materials are available in printed or e-book form.

Learning A-Z

Reading, writing and vocabulary software for elementary level. Includes several different programs and packages, interactive lessons and printable readers, plus some science literacy and test prep materials. Yearly subscription prices are fairly reasonable. Discounts available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Mystery Science

Elementary level science curriculum. Each lesson includes a short video, discussion questions, a hands-on activity, and supplemental materials. They currently have material for grade 2 through 5 and are working on K and 1st grade. The yearly subscription price is not bad, but it's difficult to tell how many lessons are available. 


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