Derek Owens Math and Physics

Online classes (live options in Atlanta area) in high school level math and physics. Courses include video instruction and printed workbooks. Students complete written assignments and submit them electronically for feedback. They can also email questions to the teacher. Looks like a good, complete program at a fairly reasonable price.


This is a great site for lego lovers! You can set up an account, input the lego sets you own, and get plans for building other projects with your lego collection. You can also share your own creations with others.


Online, interactive math and science curriculum for jr. high and high school level. Available to homeschoolers at very reasonable prices through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.


This is a series of learning apps for IPad that incorporate hands-on learning. You purchase a stand and special attachment that works with the camera. Some apps have pieces to use with them (tangrams, letter and number tiles) and others use found objects and drawings. The games develop reading, math and spatial reasoning skills.


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