Computer Programming

Youth Digital

Online courses in coding, game design, and animation for ages 8 to 14. Courses are self-paced, with video lessons and project-based learning. The price is a bit high, but you can get discounts through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Code Spark

This is an app for young children to begin learning coding. An interesting quote from the site: "We believe all kids are natural builders and programming is one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to build." The cost for the app is a bit high, but there are some free teacher resources that look very useful.


Project based computer science learning using the Scratch program from MIT. Students use templates to create slideshows, quizzes and games in Scratch. The templates include step-by-step help, printable worksheets, and explanations of the code. The projects are content-based, so they provide a way for kids to show what they're learning in other subjects. Reasonably priced, and a great tool for homeschoolers!


A free software for learning object-oriented programming. There are links on the website to several other sites with teaching materials.


An online program where kids can learn computer coding, game and Minecraft mod design, and robotics and drone programming. Includes quite a bit of material at a reasonable price.


This is a great, free site for math and science learning. There are wiki pages with explantions of concepts and math tricks, quizes, and daily math problems. You can join for free and have them sent to your inbox, or just go to the site a play around. (Warning: if you're a math geek like me, you'll spend a lot of time!) Great alternative to other time-wasters for a teen who likes math!


This is a great resource that teaches foundational computer skills and beginning coding to elementary students. You can get a lot of the content for free, and the complete version is only $29. (That's a one-time fee, not a monthly subscription!) The complete program appears to include several years worth of lessons.

Learn to Mod

An online program for learning computer science and coding through Minecraft.  Use drag-and-drop block programming or learn Javascript and learn through lessons, videos, quizzes and more.  Affordable annual subscription price.


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