Computer Skills

Game Salad

Learn computer science through game design with this online visual programming platform. There are options for annual subscriptions to the software and added curriculum materials. The price is a little high, but it's a great tool for harnessing enthusiasm for video games!


This is a great resource that teaches foundational computer skills and beginning coding to elementary students. You can get a lot of the content for free, and the complete version is only $29. (That's a one-time fee, not a monthly subscription!) The complete program appears to include several years worth of lessons.

Owlie Boo

Online games for very young children to learn to basic skills for using a computer: pressing keys, moving the mouse, and drag-and-drop. Play for free, or pay the subscription price to get rid of the ads.

This website has a wealth of free resources for computer science and coding.  There is a curriculum for K through 12 including video lessons, interactives, assessments and more.  There are also links to many other online resources for learning to code, including games, apps and free courses.


Secular curriculum for K through high school.  Covers all subjects except math through hundreds of small courses.  They can be purchased separately or in bundles.  Information is presented primarily through text with links to some other resources.  Includes "tests" to evaluate understanding of concepts, along with many open-ended questions for writing/discussion. (This curriculum used to be titled "Connect the Thoughts.")

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