This online learning system has courses for nearly every subject and all grade levels (even offering college credits!) Materials include video lessons, and online quizzes and tests. You can track progress for as many students as you'd like with the teacher subscription, which is reasonably priced at $60/month.

Saylor Academy

This non-profit organization offers over 100 free self-paced, online, college level courses. You can complete individual courses and receive certificates of completion or college credit through their partner schools. There are also a few certificate programs available that document sequences of classes. A great way to get started on college credits!

Homeschool Entrepreneur

This site has lots of resources for family and teen business owners. If you want to make your family business a learning tool, or help a teen to start a business, this is the place to go. There are links to lessons on business and entrepreneurship, blog posts and articles, and lists of helpful software and books. There is some religious content, but many useful tools for secular families as well.

Professor Carol

Professor Carol is a former college music professor, now providing online courses in music history and appreciation. You can purchase a membership to her website and get access to all courses, or buy some of them individually. There is an associate membership option to try out the materials for free. The blog includes some fun information and links to great videos on Youtube. This is a great resource for arts and history study.

Poetry Foundation

This is the organization that publishes Poetry Magazine. The website has lots of great resources including (of course) many poems in written, audio, and video formats. You can search for specific poems or poets, explore collections around many themes, and find teaching guides and articles to help in learning.

Euclid's Elements

This simple but informative site breaks down the concepts from "Elements of Geometry" into small, understandable pieces. A great tool for jr. high and high school students to explore the logical progression used in proofs. No bells or whistles, but free and easy to navigate.

Maths Online

This site from the University of Vienna has a collection of multimedia, interactive activities for learning higher level math concepts. There are also online tests, puzzles, and links to lots of other great resources.


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