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You receive the following member benefits with your 3-month trial membership:

  • Free access to the library of Resource Sets.These PDF files provide links to curriculum materials, websites, books, videos and more. Each resource set includes all the references you need to complete a unit of study, saving you hours of time searching the web. 
  • One free Custom Resource Set. If you don't find something useful in the library, request a custom-made set compiled to your specific needs. I'll do the searching for you and, within two weeks, I'll send you a PDF with resources compiled just for your family.
  • Three months of access to weekly Online Help Sessions. These are live online meetings where I'll share resources, tips and advice with you and other members. (It's like a convention workshop, without having to wait for or travel to a big convention!) Topics will include help for newbies, subject-specific resources, organization and planning, and more. You can also request a topic or a time for a help session you'd like to attend. 

If you enjoy the benefits of membership, you can purchase an annual subscription (which includes two custom resource sets and a discount on private consulting) for just $20.

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Trial Membership